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LARC Home Page Legal services organizations and public interest law offices need to develop policies and protocols to ensure quality legal services are provided to limited English proficient clients.

Language Services for LEP Clients                                            

The increase both in the foreign-born population and in the number of geographic areas where immigrants reside has made the issue relevant for many more programs than in the past. At the same time the increasing understanding of language access as a civil rights issue is causing legal aid programs to examine their own practices before demanding linguistic access to other government services for their clients. Taken from this article, available in the resources below.

Assessing the Quality of Legal Assistance to LEP Individuals

Quick Indicators of Basic Language Access Deficiencies:

  • The program encourages relatives or friends to interpret for clients.
  • The intake database lacks a mandatory data field for the clientís primary language.
  • No formal arrangements are in place to obtain professional interpreters.
  • Neither bilingual nor monolingual staff have been trained on interpreting techniques.
  • No articulated policy on delivering services to LEP clients exists.
  • Case handlers send non-translated letters (or no letters at all) to clients who donít read English (or Spanish).

Taken from this article available in the resources below.

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Legal Services Language Access Policies

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Guides and Manuals: Legal Terms in Spanish and English

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