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The Language Access Resource Center (LARC) provides information and resources about the rights of Limited English Proficient (LEP) individuals. It describe the federal and New York State laws prohibiting discrimination against LEP individuals and the obligations of recipients of federal funding to ensure meaningful access.

Each LEP topic includes studies, reports, and documents describing state and federal agency obligations to provide language assistance services to LEP individuals. (Viewing documents may require Microsoft Word or Word Viewer or Adobe Reader.)

Federal LEP describes the protections under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VI), Executive Order 13166 (EO 13166), the Department of Justice LEP Guidance (DOJ LEP Guidance) and the requirements of federal agencies and recipients of federal funds.  Federal Agency Guidance includes guidance documents developed by federal agencies describing the obligations of recipients of federal funding.

LEP Topics describes, for each listed topic, the federal and New York State protections for LEP individuals receiving the benefit of governmental programs and services. 

LEP Statistics provides a listing of current U.S. Census data on the number of LEP individuals in the United States and in New York.  This section also includes LEP data compiled by other organizations. 

Resources and Training includes the federal and New York State language access guides and language access training materials. This section also includes Model LEP Plans that have been used by different organizations and state programs and a listing of relevant New York websites and national resources for LEP individuals.

The LARC was created and is maintained by Michael Mulé, Staff Attorney at the Empire Justice Center in Rochester, New York (E-mail)

Note: This site contains information designed to educate the public about this subject, and laws affecting this subject may have changed since the site was created. For legal advice about a specific problem you are having, seek the advice of an attorney. Receiving this information does not make you a client of our office.

Federal LEP
Title VI
Executive Order 13166
DOJ LEP Guidance
Federal Agency Guidance
LEP Topics
Court Access
Domestic Violence
Employment /Unemployment
Food Stamp Program
Health Care Services
Law Enforcement
Legal Services and Attorneys
Public Housing
Social Security
LEP Statistics
Census Data
Other Group Data
Resources and Training
Language Access Guides
Language Access Training
Model LEP Plans
New York Resources

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