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Documents : FH Policies and Interpretations (02/08/15)
Index to OAH Memoranda on Law and Policy (January 1997 - August 7, 2008)
ALJ Conduct at Fair Hearings
Authorization to Represent Appellants
Burden of Proof
Case Record Production at Fair Hearings
Copies of Hearing-Related Correspondence to Appellants' Representatives
Corrected/Amended Fair Hearing Decisions
Credibility Determinations by ALJs
Cross-Examination of Adverse Witnesses/Declarants
Development of the Record - ALJ Duties
Directives in Similar Cases
Documents Offered into Evidence
Evidence Not Provided to Local Agency Prior to Fair Hearing
Executive Order No. 131 (9 NYCRR § 4.131)
Fair Hearing Decision Drafting
Inadequate Notices - Issue at Fair Hearings
Independent Medical Assessment/Professional Evaluation
Issues for Review at Fair Hearing
Mailing Affidavits
Off-the-Record Conversations with ALJs
Pre-Hearing Disclosure of Requested Case Record Documents
Pre-Hearing Disclosure of Requested Policy Materials
Public Access to Fair Hearing Decisions
Recusal of ALJs
Reimbursement for Necessary FH Costs and Expenses
Subpoena Issuance by ALJs