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DHS-PB-2023-006: Assessing Discord, Overcrowding, and Primary Tenant Relationship when Determining Shelter Eligibility (May 15, 2023)

Replaces DHS-PB-2022-004

This procedure documents action required of staff at Prevention Assistance and Temporary Housing (PATH) and Adult Family Intake (AFIC) when determining whether an address is available as a viable housing option to a family, including:

-Assessing and mediating household discord between the applicant family and the primary tenant of an address, and continuing conditional placement beyond 10 days until mediation is completed

-Investigating and confirming conditions of overcrowding at an address, including ensuring that rooms available for sleeping are consistent with the number of family members

-Identifying and considering the relationship between the applicant family and the primary tenant of an address

-Determining length of stay at a prior address

-Determine whether there is a second instance of non-consent from the primary tenant of an address.

-Additional considerations related to addresses outside of New York City

-Ensuring that families with no available housing options are granted access to shelter



Created: 5/23/2023
Updated: 5/23/2023