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DHS-PB-2019-015: Transgender, Non-binary, and Intersex Clients

(Replaces DHS 15-502)

In October 2018, Mayor Bill de Blasio signed a bill (Local Law 954-A) to allow New Yorkers to change their birth certificates to reflect a non-binary option of ‘X’ as their gender marker. Effective January 1st, 2019, New Yorkers no longer need a letter from a physician or an affidavit from a licensed health care provider to change their gender on a NYC birth certificate. With consent of a legal guardian, this option is available to individuals under 18 years of age. DHS clients, even those without a New York City birth certificate, may now choose a non-binary gender designation of ‘X,’ among other options. DHS does not require any proof of gender and encourages clients to selfidentify.



Created: 8/13/2019