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15-091: Emergency Procurement Contracting Process for Additional Capacity

Under the New York City Procurement Policy Board Rules ("PPB Rules"), an emergency condition occurs when there is an unforeseen danger to life, safety, property, or a necessary service, and the existence of such a condition creates an immediate and serious need for the service that cannot be met through normal procurement methods. (PPB Rules, Section 3-06). When there is an emergency situation, the emergency procurement procedure may be used to purchase those items deemed necessary to avoid or mitigate serious danger to life, property and/ or to prevent the interruption of necessary services. An emergency procurement may not be made without the express consent of both the New York City Office of the Comptroller ("Comptroller") and the Corporation Counsel of the City of New York ("Law Department").

In accordance with Section 3-06 of the PPB Rules, this procedure outlines the steps required for procuring emergency contracts for additional shelter capacity.



Created: 7/11/2019