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DHS-PB-2017-04: Shelter Intake Process for Asylum Seekers/Asylees and Victims of Human Trafficking

The purpose of this policy bulletin is to establish a procedure for Department of Homeless Services (DHS) Prevention Assistance and Temporary Housing (PATH) staff to identify families with household members who are asylum seekers/asylees or victims of human trafficking and to preclude from investigation out-of-country or other unsafe addresses for such families so as to protect such families from any safety risks. The investigation of addresses where persecution or trafficking has occurred, or contact with perpetrators of persecution or trafficking, jeopardizes an asylum seeker/asylee’s or trafficking victim’s safety. To ensure all potential asylum seekers/asylees and/or victims of human trafficking are appropriately identified, additional questions must be asked. As required by law, some families seeking asylum or escaping from human trafficking may prefer to speak to DHS staff in a language other than English and must be provided language interpretation services.



Created: 6/20/2018