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Documents: Department of Homeless Services

16-502: Expectations for Commercial Hotel Providers Pending the Phase Out of Commercial Hotel Placements

The New York City Department of Homeless Services (OHS) is charged with ensuring temporary housing assistance for eligible homeless individuals and families with children. In order to meet our legal mandate and the housing needs or families with children, families have been temporarily assigned placement at commercial hotel locations pending the phase out of such placements.

This document outlines OHS' expectations of provider agencies delivering social services at commercial hotels occupied by families with children as OHS works to phase out the use of such placements. Placements of families in commercial hotels are intended to be short-term, while a family's eligibility is determined. There are, however, circumstances in which families may remain there longer (e.g .. families whose contacts take longer to verify, families who require ADA-compliant units, families with special needs who require medical intervention, large families). Providers must make the services described below available to all families placed at commercial hotels.



Created: 6/20/2018