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Documents: Department of Homeless Services

15-180: Community Advisory Board for Shelter Facilities

The Department of Homeless Services' Community Advisory Board (CAB) for Directly Operated or Provider Facilities/ Programs Serving Homeless Individuals and Families, Elected Officials and Community Boards was developed to build relationships with elected officials, the commw1ity boards, and other key community stakeholders (clergy leaders, leaders of local community based organizations, etc.) as well as to facilitate and increase engagement with surrounding neighbors. The CAB is an important vehicle for breaking down barriers and for creating a healthy, loving and compassionate environment with the Facilities/ Programs Provider and clients and its surrounding neighbors. Each party- OHS, the Provider, and the larger Community- plays an important role in expressing the needs and concerns of their respective  group and working collaboratively with the CAB in a way that leads to improved relations and a better community for all.

In hosting regular CABs, DHS and its Providers seek to increase transparency and community trust, as well as to better meet the community's expectations on government and civil society engagement. Furthermore, members will begin to "own" the solutions, challenges and decision making process, empowering the community to play an integral role in welcoming our clients and offering support to their fellow New Yorkers.



Created: 6/20/2018
Updated: 6/20/2018