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Documents: 2008 Policy Bulletins

#08-118-OPE: Obsolete Child Care Procedures And Related Forms
(This Policy Bulletin Obsoletes PB #02-146-EMP and PB #02-184-EMP)

The purpose of this policy bulletin is to inform all staff at Job Centers that the following policy bulletins are now obsolete:
• PB #02-07-EMP (Revisions to W-274A and W-273AA)
• PB #02-08-EMP (Child Care Payments for School-Age Children during Mid-Winter Break, February 18th through February 22nd, 2002)
• PB #02-29-EMP (Child Care Payments for School-Age Children during Spring Break: March 28th through April 5th, 2002)
• PB #02-146-EMP (Obsolete Child Care Forms)
• PB #02-184-EMP (Revisions to the W-273QQ)
• PB #03-141-SYS (Automated Child Care Information System(ACCIS) Updates


Created: 10/15/2008