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Documents: 2004 Policy Bulletins

#04-185-OPE: Revisions To The Notice Of Denial Of Expedited Processing Of Food Stamp Benefits (M-40K)
This policy bulletin is to inform staff that the Notice of Denial of Expedited Processing of Food Stamp Benefits (M-40K) has been revised as follows:
• The title has been changed from “Notice of Denial of Expedited Processing of Food Stamp Benefits” to “Notice of Denial of Expedited Food Stamp Processing or Inability to Issue Food Stamp Benefits.”
• The language concerning the last issuance of food stamps (FS) on an expedited basis has been reworded as follows:
“The last time we gave you Food Stamp Benefits was on an expedited basis pending outstanding documentation which you failed to submit. As a result, you cannot receive any further Food Stamp Benefits until you fully verify/document your eligibility.”
• The checkbox that reads “You failed to verify your identity (who you are)” has been removed.
• A new checkbox/section has been added to indicate when an applicant is deemed eligible for FS under the expedited FS service criteria but benefits cannot be released because the applicant’s identity cannot be verified.
• The checkbox/section reading “Please contact your Center for additional information” has been removed and the text in this area has been moved to the end of the first section of the form.


Created: 1/23/2008