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Documents: 2004 Policy Bulletins

#04-179-OPE: Revisions To The Notice Of Outstanding Required Documentation (W-120D) And Food Stamp Eligibility Interview Appointment Notice (W-129PP)
The purpose of this bulletin is to inform staff at the Non-Public Assistance (NPA) Food Stamp (FS) Centers that the Notice of Outstanding Required Documentation (W-120D) and the Food Stamp Eligibility Interview Appointment Notice (W-129PP) have been revised as follows:
Form W-120D
• The title of the form has been changed to “Notice of Outstanding Required Documentation.”
• The column used to indicate which documents were received has been removed. When applicants/participants submit outstanding documents, Workers must prepare and issue the Documentation Receipt (EXP-76R) (see PB #04-10-OPE).
• The form was converted into separate English and Spanish versions (W-120D and W-120D [S]) from its original bilingual version.


Created: 1/23/2008