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Documents: 2007 Policy Bulletins

#07-120-SYS: NYCWAY Updates – October
This PB announces Systems updates which include two changes related to issues faced by NYC advocates.

1. Employability Codes for 18 year olds approaching 19th birthday.  This PB explains that previously, the system automatically changed their employment code to non-exempt * even if they were exempt. Now the system will not automatically change the employability code. Presumably, this could prevent errors in some of our cases.

The PB explains that: "Previously when Action Code 117D posted, the applicant/participant’s Employability Status (ES) code would change to 20 (Non-Exempt), even if s/he was exempt. Now when Action Code 117D posts, the ES Code will remain unchanged.

2. Needed at Home Foster Parents - As explained by the PB:
"Previously when either Action Code 174P (Foster Parent Needed Part-Time) or Action Code 187P (Needed At Home Part-Time) posted, the ES Code was changed to 16 (Work Limited/Non- Exempt). Now the ES code will change to 40 (Needed in the Home Part-time to Care for an Incapacitated/Disabled Household Member/Non-Exempt)."


Created: 11/9/2007