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Documents: 2007 Policy Bulletins

#07-109-SYS: NYCWAY Updates – Action Code Changes
This PB notes new codes:

* New Automated Child Care Information System (ACCIS) Child Care Codes
* New Travel Accommodation Action Code 16TQ (WC Travel Accommodation:
Appointment Queue)

The PB explains that effective September 10, 2007, a new Action Code 16TQ, which is entered by Wellness, Comprehensive Assessment, Rehabilitation and Employment (WeCARE) vendors only, will identify individuals who are medically incapacitated and require special accommodations. When these individuals appear for a Face to Face Recertification (FFR) appointment at the Bushwick (66), Hamilton (28) or Concourse (45) Model Center, the PA Recertification ticket will appear in red in Model Office Numbering, Identification, and Queuing (MONIQUE) and the system will prevent the assigned JOS/Worker from selecting any ticket other than that red ticket until a participant with the 16TQ has completed his/her appointment.


Created: 8/28/2007