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Documents: 2009 Policy Directives

#09-36-OPE: Expedited Food Stamp Processing Rules
(This Policy Directive Obsoletes PD #08-07-OPE)

• inform Workers that Food Stamp (FS) benefits may not be issued until the last page of the Statewide Application (LDSS-2921) or the last page of the Food Stamp Benefits Application/Recertification (LDSS-4826) has been signed;
• remind Workers that the denial reason for households determined not qualified for expedited food stamp (EFS) processing and the denial reason for households determined qualified for EFS processing but ineligible for FS benefits, must be recorded on the Food Stamp Application Expedited Processing Summary Sheet LDSS-3938 NYC);
• remind Workers that households determined qualified for EFS processing are not automatically eligible for FS benefits;
• remind Workers that if a household's statements indicate that a member of the household has an eligible alien status, FS benefits may be issued for that individual under the EFS processing rules of pended verification, even if the household is unable to provide verification of the individual's alien status within the EFS processing timeframe;
• remind Workers that applicants who are ineligible aliens may be issued FS benefits for other eligible household members;
• inform Workers that the Expedited Food Stamp Processing and Application Timelines Desk Aid (W-200D) has been revised; and
• eliminate instructions for NCA FS Centers not in the Paperless Office System (POS) because all FS Centers are now in POS.


Created: 7/5/2010