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Documents : Individual CLE Courses for ALJs and Other OTDA Attorneys

Ethics Training for Administrative Law Judges (2010)
This file contains the course outline and materials distributed at the 2010 CLE course on Ethics Training for Administrative Law Judges (ALJs). The 165 pages of materials include a Power Point presentation with the following outline:

I. Introduction

II. Integrity and Independence of the Administrative Judiciary

III. Avoidance of Improper Activities

IV. ALJs Shall Conduct Their Extra Judicial Activities to Minimize Conflicts with Their Judicial Duties

V. Inappropriate Political Activity

VI. An ALJ Shall Perform Their Duties Impartially and Diligently

A. Maintaining professional competence

B. Demeanor at the hearing

C. Performance in an impartial manner

D. Opportunity to be heard/ex-parte communications

E. Unrepresented parties

F. Recusal

VII. Record/Decision After Hearing

VIII. Confidentiality

The following resources are also included in the materials:

• New York State Model Code for ALJs (N. Y. S. Bar Association)

• 9 NYCRR 4.131 (Governor Mario Cuomo's Executive Order 131)

• State Court Cases:

• Roche v. Turner
• Nembhard v. Turner
• Lizotte v. Johnson

• State Administrative Procedure Act - Article 3

• 18 NYCRR § 358-5 - OTDA Fair Hearings

• Section 136 of the Social Services Law - Confidentiality of welfare records


Created: 10/3/2011
Updated: 10/3/2011