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OMM/OCFS/OTDA Materials: ADMs Issued by OCFS

07-OCFS-ADM-12: Access to Child Protective Services Investigation Information
The purposes of this Administrative Directive are the following:
• To identify the modifications made to the CONNECTIONS application that will permit Voluntary Authorized Agency Foster Care/Adoption staff and Contract Preventive Agency staff (VA/Prev), who have an appropriately assigned role in a case, to access information maintained in Child Protective Services (CPS) Investigation stages that are “Under Investigation” or “Indicated”.
• To identify existing statutory and regulatory authority for providing access to CPS information.
• To reinforce the mandate for maintaining the confidentiality of the reporter/source of a CPS report.
• To provide policy and practice guidelines for staff who will have the authority to access this information and the commensurate responsibilities for maintaining the confidentiality of such information.


Created: 11/14/2007