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OMM/OCFS/OTDA Materials: ADMs issued by OTDA

07-ADM-03: The Recoupment of Duplicate Restricted Rental Payments and Change of Timely Reporting Requirements from Five (5) Business Days to 10 Calendar Days
Generally, all TA overpayments are subject to recoupment or recovery. However, this directive informs SSDs of an exception to this rule.

When a recipient moves from one dwelling unit to another and the rent is sent directly to a landlord, duplicate rent payments may result. This happens when a recipient fails to provide timely notice of the move to the SSD, or when the SSD fails to act in a timely manner upon notice provided by the recipient about the move. This Directive defines timely notice as being at least ten (10) “calendar days” prior to the date of the move. The date of report counts as day one. A previous release, 94 INF-49, defined timely as five (5) business days. This current Directive cancels the former release.



Created: 6/8/2007
Updated: 9/26/2007