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OMM/OCFS/OTDA Materials: INFs Issued by OTDA

90 INF-34: Revision to Monthly Reporting Data Mailers (DSS-3469; DSS-3469A) and Monthly Reporting Instructions (DSS-3469B; DSS-3469B(S))

The purpose of this release is to introduce revisions to the following

DSS-3469 - This is the Monthly Reporting First Data Mailer, which
           local districts require each public assistance household,
           subject to monthly reporting requirements, to file in
           order to report on household circumstances as a condition
           of continued eligibility and assistance.

DSS-3469A - If the Monthly Reporting First Data Mailer is not
            returned and/or processed by the eighth day of each
            month, this Monthly Reporting Second Data Mailer will be
            mailed to each public assistance household subject to
            monthly reporting requirements.

DSS-3469B - This pamphlet (Monthly Reporting Instructions) is
            designed to provide public assistance applicants/
            recipients with information concerning Monthly Reporting,
            and to assist recipients with completing the Monthly
            Reporting Data Mailers (DSS-3469; DSS-3469A).

DSS-3469B(S) - This is the Spanish version of the DSS-3469B (Monthly
               Reporting Instructions).



Created: 10/29/2004
Updated: 11/1/2004