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OMM/OCFS/OTDA Materials: INFs Issued by OTDA

04-INF-05: Disregard Certain Veterans Administration (VA) Payments Made to Biological Children of Women Vietnam Veterans and Extend to Safety Net Assistance Families the Disregard of VA Payments Made to Vietnam Veterans' Children with Spina Bifida

I. Purpose
The purpose of this Informational Letter is to notify Social Services Districts (SSDs) that there have been two changes to 18 NYCRR 352.22. The first change is an amendment to 352.22 (ab) which extends to Safety Net Assistance (SNA) families, the disregard of Veterans Administration (VA) payments made to, or on behalf of, Vietnam veterans' natural adult or minor children for any disability resulting from spina bifida as income or resources, in determining eligibility, or degree of need. 

The second change is an additional subdivision has been added to 18 NYCRR 352.22. This subdivision, 18 NYCRR 352.22 (ac), disregards certain payments made by the VA to biological children of women Vietnam veterans as income or resources, in determining eligibility, or degree of need, for SNA families and federally funded temporary assistance benefits.



Created: 9/30/2004
Updated: 10/6/2004