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OMM/OCFS/OTDA Materials: LCM's from OTDA

04 LCM 1- Revised: District of Fiscal Responsibility Procedures Reminder
The purpose of this memorandum is to remind local districts of district of fiscal responsibility (DFR) procedures outlined in 00 INF-19, and to urge local districts to review and follow these procedures when dealing with DFR situations. 02 INF-38 contains the most recent local district DFR contacts to use in these situations. We are also planning to display the DFR contacts on CentraPort under the “Directories” section entitled County Profiles. You will be notified of this change once it is implemented. In addition, local districts are reminded to follow Food Stamp (FS) DFR policy as outlined in 01 ADM-1 and the FS Source Book (FSSB), Section 5, page 57. Local districts should also review and adhere to policy as outlined in GIS 02 MA/006 and GIS 02 MA/011, which pertain to DFR responsibility for residents of certain adult care facilities.


Created: 8/26/2006