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OMM/OCFS/OTDA Materials: Older ADMs

89 ADM-47: Treatment of Income and Resources for Institutionalized Spouses/Individuals and Legally Responsible Relatives 
The purpose of this release is to advise local districts of the provisions of Chapter 558 of the Laws of 1989 which relate to the treatment of income and resources for institutionalized spouses under the Medical Assistance Program. The new federal definition of an institutionalized spouse, as set forth in this Directive, requires changes to the definitions of permanent absence, temporary absence and chronic care budgeting. The contents of client notices have been revised accordingly to reflect these charges. This Directive also modifies procedures to establish the requested contribution from a legally responsible relative living apart from an applicant/recipient (A/R) and clarifies procedures to follow in circumstances where a 1egally responsible relative living with an A/R refuses to provide information regarding finances or refuses to support a dependent.


Created: 11/8/2006
Updated: 11/8/2006