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OMM/OCFS/OTDA Materials: ADMs Issued by OTDA

16-ADM-11: Temporary Housing Assistance: Consolidation and Clarification of Policy

This Administrative Directive replaces 96 ADM-20, 05 ADM-7, 15 ADM-06 and 15 ADM-06-T, and updates parts of 94 ADM-20. The impetus for this revised directive is the need to clarify temporary housing assistance policy including when a referral to services must be made and the effect of such a referral on other required social services district (SSD) case actions. For the purposes of this release, “services” include protective services for adults, protective services for children and preventive services for children. Certain clarifications also are made concerning mental and physical impairments, available housing resources, use of the Independent Living Plan (ILP) and application of income to the cost of the shelter.



Created: 3/29/2017