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OMM/OCFS/OTDA Materials: INFs Issued by OCFS

01 OCFS INF-4: Criminal History Disclosure (Foster/Adoptive Parents)
01 OCFS INF-4 The purpose of this release is to provide a policy modification concerning disclosure by social services districts or voluntary authorized agencies, including out-of state adoption agencies, of the content of the criminal history record summary to the fingerprinted individual. Effective immediately, it is permissible during the safety assessment to verbally disclose to the fingerprinted individual the following items from the criminal history record summary: the crime for which the fingerprinted individual was charged or convicted, when such person was arrested or convicted and in what court or jurisdiction such person was charged or convicted. Disclosure of this information to the fingerprinted individual in the presence of other persons is permissible only with the fingerprinted individual’s consent.


Created: 10/16/2001
Updated: 10/16/2001