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OMM/OCFS/OTDA Materials: INFs Issued by OCFS

10-OCFS-INF-03: New Brochure: "Know Your Options: Relatives Caring for Children"
The purpose of this Informational Letter is to advise Child Protective Services staff and other Child Welfare staff of a new publication that can be used to assist relatives who are considering caring for a child. Entitled "Know Your Options: Relatives Caring for Children," this brochure is being made available as an additional tool to help relatives better understand their options in providing care to a child. The brochure provides a brief summary of these options, and as such can supplement the handbook "Having a Voice and a Choice: A Handbook for Relatives Raising Children." The use of this brochure does not change the requirements for use of the Handbook as described in 09-OCFSADM-04 ("Handbook for Relatives Raising Children").


Created: 6/7/2010