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OMM/OCFS/OTDA Materials: ADMs issued by OTDA

08-ADM-06: Social Security Administration Automation of Interim Assistance Reimbursement (IAR), Direct Deposit Authorization for IAR Payments, Government to Government Services Online (GSO) Registration, and "Monthly IAR E-Report" Database Creation
The purpose of this directive is to inform Local Social Services Districts (LSSDs) that the SSA is automating the current IAR paper check process with the use of a secure website. LSSDs will be required to communicate to the SSA the amount of Interim Assistance IA) paid via an SSA secure website and any IAR payments will be direct deposited by the SSA into a district designated bank account via the Automated Clearing House ACH) process. The SSA will also be automating the current mailed notices process with a comprehensive e-mail alert system.

To facilitate the institution of the automated process, LSSDs must supply the SSA and/or the Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance (OTDA) with the Certificate of Authority, Direct Deposit Information, Government to Government Services Online GSO) e-IAR Website Registration, ListServe, and E-Reporting Forms based upon the directions given in this Administrative Directive. These forms are found in Attachments A, B, C, D, and E respectively.

It is imperative that all LSSDs complete the attached forms and return them by their designated deadlines. Once the SSA initiates its operation of the automated system, LSSDs will no longer receive paper checks. A LSSD that does not complete the required forms and return them before the SSA implements its new policy will not receive its portion of the IAR payment. Instead, the SSA will transmit the entire IAR amount directly to the Temporary Assistance (TA) recipient in accordance with its regulations.


Created: 9/23/2008
Updated: 7/28/2009