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OMM/OCFS/OTDA Materials: INFs Issued by OCFS

07-OCFS-INF-02: Comprehensive Adoption Report (CAR)
The purpose of this release is to inform social services districts and voluntary authorized agencies of the availability of a Comprehensive Adoption Report (CAR). The report is designed to serve as a statewide model for the content and level of detailed information an agency should submit to the court as part of the Adoption Packet. The CAR offers a format and logical flow that, if properly utilized, should result in a thorough, relevant, and up-to-date report. It provides a judge or surrogate with the information he or she needs in order to make an informed decision whether to grant an order of adoption. The CAR is not intended to be an additional report an agency prepares as part of the Adoption Packet. Instead, the CAR is being recommended as an alternative report that provides a more organized and comprehensive approach to presenting the required information to the court.


Created: 4/18/2007