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Documents: 2009 Policy Bulletins

#09-13-OPE: Obsolete Forms
The purpose of this policy bulletin is to inform all staff that the following forms are now obsolete:
• Supplemental Transitional Work Support Program (CF-05)
• Action Taken On Your Application (M-3aa)
• Documentation of Nonresident State Charge Status (M-314)
• Application for Life Line Telephone Service (M-463)
• Affidavit Alleging Paternity (M-984d)
• Agreement to Comply With Employment Program Requirements W-532K)
• 13HS – Filing SSI Application (W-533A)
• 139R – Resumption of Wellness/Rehabilitation Plan (W-533B)
• Transitional Medical Assistance (TMA) Benefits Quarterly Report (W-560F)
• Notification of Employment (W-560GG)
• Monthly Voucher (W-560J).
• Parental Acknowledgment (W-561BB)
• Job Club Prep Referral Letter (W-573K)
• EPFT ID Card Questionnaire (W-608U)
• Job Center Child Care One-Day Return Appointment (W-667)
• Determination of Separate Food Stamp Household Status(W-904HH)
• Follow-Up To The Quarterly Contact Report (W-912AA)


Created: 2/23/2009
Updated: 2/23/2009