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Documents: 2009 Policy Directives

#09-03-EMP: Revisions To TALX/The Work Number Service
This policy directive is being revised to advise staff that TALX/The Work Number Service has enhanced the way employment and income verification can be requested. Attachment A has been revised to incorporate the following changes:
• Staff may now use TALX/The Work Number Service to:
?? request multiple employment verifications at one time
?? enter a Social Security number (SSN) and see a summary listing of the applicant’s/participant’s employment history
?? select the employment information to be verified
• A new Pay Date Summary feature has been added to TALX/The Work Number Service, making it possible for JOS/Workers to access and verify current employment/income information from each employer listed in the Summary view. Additionally, The Work Number Contact Information Form (W-500PP) and the TALX/The Work Number eXpress Services Data Sheet (W-500QQ) are now electronically fillable forms.


Created: 2/18/2009