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Documents: 2008 Policy Bulletins

#08-120-ELI: Fee For Shelter
The purpose of this policy bulletin is to advise Riverview Job Center staff of the family contribution pilot (Fee for Shelter) being conducted at the Flatlands and Jamaica shelters. This policy bulletin is informational for all other staff.
New York State regulations require that applicants/participants with income in excess of their standard of need must contribute to the cost of shelter. Two new forms have been developed to facilitate the implementation of the family contribution program:
• The Family Contribution Notice (W-648F) informs applicants/participants in this pilot program of the amount the family must contribute and when payments are due.
• A Notice of Intent to Change Contribution Fee (W-648G) informs families whose circumstances (for example income, household composition, residence, etc.) have changed that their shelter contribution amount will change accordingly.
The Fee for Shelter family contribution pilot program began with families that entered the Flatlands or Jamaica shelters on or after September 2, 2008 and have employment income or become employed after entering the shelter. (Families residing in these two shelters prior to September 2, 2008 are not required to contribute to their cost for shelter in this pilot.) The Department of Homeless Services (DHS) will send the Riverview Job Center a list of all new clients entering the two pilot shelters. These cases will be entered into a unique caseload. For administrative ease, Cash Assistance CA) cases entering the Flatlands and Jamaica shelters on or after September 2, 2008 will be assigned to caseload 036 at the Riverview Job Center.


Created: 10/15/2008