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Documents: 2008 Policy Directives

#08-32-ELI: Advantage Rental Assistance Programs For Shelter Residents
(This Policy Directive Replaces PD #07-28-ELI and PB #07-139-OPE)

The Human Resources Administration (HRA) provides rent supplements and case management to help families maintain permanent housing.

This policy directive has been revised to inform workers of the following:
• New Cash Assistance (CA) Opening Code Y18 (Work Advantage One-Shot Deal) is to be used instead of Y19 (Case Accepted for Emergencies Other than Shelter or Utility Arrears) for one-shot deal Work Advantage cases.
• The process to change the Shelter Code is a two-day action not a one-day action.
• Work Advantage cases in Single Issuance (SI) status (closed Housing Stability Plus [HSP] cases) can now be closed using Closing Codes E30 (Excess Earned Income [No Transitional Medical Assistance]) or E35 (Excess Unearned Income) instead of Y95 (Case Closed After Being Accepted for Emergency Assistance [Manual Notice]).
• Attachment F has been updated with new income criteria.
• Inwood Job Center has been included as an eligible Center to process Short-term Assistance Advantage cases.
• DHS will now pay a broker’s fee of 15 percent of the annual rent instead of one month’s rent for Advantage programs only.
• Management Information Systems (MIS) sends DHS a list each month of HSP households with earned income and DHS will determine eligibility for the Work Advantage program instead of staff at the Riverview Annex Job Center.


Created: 9/24/2008