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Documents: 2008 Policy Bulletins

#08-99-OPE: Revision To Snippets For Job Fair Notice (W-500JJ)
The purpose of this policy bulletin is to inform staff that the Snippets to be inserted into the Job Fair Notice (Form W-500JJ) have been updated as follows:
Snippets for Voluntary Job Fair Appointments (Action Code 12JE):
• The language in the first sentence has been modified to state that individuals attending the Job Fair will need to report to the registration desk upon arrival.
• A request has been added for CA participants attending nonmandatory Job Fairs not to bring their children with them. This request will be inserted only when Form W-500JJ is used to invite participants to a non-mandatory Job Fair. If a participant contacts a Job Center requesting payment for child care in order to attend a non-mandatory Job Fair, inform the participant that child care payments cannot be authorized for non-mandatory appointments. If the participant wants to attend the Job Fair, child care arrangements must be made at no cost to the Agency.


Created: 9/23/2008