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Documents: 2008 Policy Bulletins

#08-22-OPE: Revision To The Grant Diversion Program Statement Of Understanding For Job Training Program Participants (EXP-76G)
This Policy Bulletin Obsoletes PB #07-16-EMP and PB #07-124-EMP)
The purpose of this policy bulletin is to inform Job Center staff of the revision to the Grant Diversion Program Statement of Understanding for Job Training Program Participants (EXP-76G) form. The following changes have been made to the EXP-76G:
- Statement four has been revised to eliminate language about an exact amount of income that will be earned, as this information may differ for each participant.
- Statement six has been revised to read: “I am still required to keep all mandatory CA appointments (example: Face-to-face appointments). If I do not attend all mandatory appointments, my CA case may be affected. If I become ineligible for CA or my grant is reduced because of this or another reason, I may become ineligible to participate in the GDP/JTP.”


Created: 9/10/2008