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Documents: 2008 Policy Directives

#08-24-OPE: Voter Registration
(This Policy Directive Replaces PD #00-05R)

This policy directive has been revised to:
• inform Workers that they must include the New York State(NYS) Agency-Based Voter Registration Form NVRA-05 in all mailings containing copies of CA and/or FS application/recertification forms sent to individuals who do not apply/recertify for benefits in person;
• inform Workers that they must send a mail-in voter registration form to individuals who do not submit changes of address in person;
• amend language used to indicate the individuals who are responsible for providing assistance with voter registration;
• advise staff of activities that are prohibited when providing voter registration assistance;
• provide a detailed description of voter registration services to be offered to applicants/participants;
• inform Workers that an applicant/participant should never be denied the opportunity to submit a voter registration form;
• remind Center Directors/Managers to prominently display the NYS Agency-Based Voter Registration (FIA-35)poster; and
• remind Workers that voter registration is not an eligibility requirement for Cash Assistance (CA) or FS benefits.


Created: 8/2/2008