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Documents: 2008 Policy Directives

#08-18-OPE: Servicing Individuals With Limited English-Speaking Ability (LESA)
(This Policy Directive Obsoletes PD #06-12-OPE, PB #02-93-OPE, and PB #02-99-OPE

This policy directive has been revised to inform staff about updated instructions concerning the provision of interpreter assistance including:
• emphasizing that the bilingual Worker speak the applicant’s/participant’s language;
• the distribution of Local Law Forms (LLFs) and documenting heir use in the applicant’s/participant’s case record;
• the provision of application/recertification kits in the pplicant’s/participant’s preferred language (if available);
• the utilization of the redesigned Language Card (W-194); and
• the new contact number for HRA’s Office of Refugee and mmigrant Affairs (ORIA).


Created: 8/2/2008