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Documents: 2008 Policy Directives

#08-08-SYS: Same-Day Issuance Of Expedited Food Stamps
Through The Paperless Office System (POS) In Job Centers

This policy directive has been revised to:
• Include information on the automated prefilling of the applicant’s eligibility status and single issuance grant type for Expedited Food Stamps (EFS) in POS.
• Provide instructions for processing applicants who return with missing documentation within seven (7) days of the Food Stamp (FS) file date. Also provide information on the automated alert to JOS/Workers when applicants return missing documentation to the Customer Service and Information Center (CSIC) at Model Centers or Food Stamp Reception at non-Model Centers.
• Identify the types of expenses that are considered when fully verifying eligibility factors for EFS.
• Describe new functionality in POS which allows JOS/Workers to track eligibility factors and types of expenses and record any collateral contacts attempted.
• Clarify when the Notice of Denial of Expedited Food Stamp Service or Inability to Issue Food Stamp Benefits (M-40k) is generated during the EFS eligibility determination process.



Created: 8/2/2008