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Documents: 2007 Policy Bulletins

#07-140-SYS: Reporting System Outages And Broken Machinery
HRA just issued a directive on broken equipment -- no mention of how to deal with broken faxes in the directive....

(This Policy Bulletin Replaces PB #05-06-SYS)
The purpose of this policy bulletin is to inform Job Center and Non-Cash Assistance (NCA) Food Stamp (FS) Center staff of the steps to follow when there are specific system outages or broken machinery. It serves as information for all other staff.
An outage is defined as a problem that impacts the operational ability to perform all or a portion of the designated operational functions. An outage lasts at least 30 minutes and:
• affects five or more staff members in areas with more than five staff members (e.g., the Case Management Unit) or
• affects areas that typically have fewer than five staff members (e.g., Front Door Reception [FRED]) Whenever a JOS/Worker experiences technical problems, s/he must contact the Center-designated outage liaison responsible for detecting and reporting system outages. The Center Director and unit supervisor must also be notified.


Created: 12/3/2007