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Documents: 2004 Policy Bulletins

#04-130-SYS: Paperless Office System (POS) Version 8.2
The Paperless Office System (POS) is updated on a regular basis to make the system more user friendly and to reflect changes in city, state, and federal regulations. The purpose of this policy bulletin is to inform staff of the following changes implemented as POS Version 8.2 on July 19, 2004:
• Document Reuse
• Change in Display of Images in POS Document Browser
• AFIS Photo in Document Browser
• Child/Teen Health Oral Script
• Search by Dummy Case Number
• EVR Changed to BEV
• Alien Window Updates
• Changing the Address for an Active Case
• Shelter Restriction Rule
• Case Transfer Update
• Link to Referral to Bureau of Fraud Investigation (BFI-14) in Help Menu
• Updates for RTSC
• Change to EFS Lookup Inquiry
• Update to Schedule Appointments Activity
• PA Routing Update
• Denial Reason Text Entry on LDSS-4013A
• Reminder: Unlock Button in Reopen a Case
• Error Corrections and Bug Fixes
• Forms Updates (includes additions and revisions)


Created: 11/25/2007