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Documents: 2004 Policy Bulletins

#04-16-SYS: NYCWAY Updates
NYCWAY is updated on a regular basis to make the system more helpful to users, and to update current policy. This policy bulletin is to inform staff of the following updates and enhancements being made to NYCWAY effective February 2, 2004:
• Print/Inquiry EP Format Change
• HSS Referral List for Special Needs
• New Action Code 119F
• Description Changes to 119N and 119U
• New DV Referral Code 991S Posted in EP
• 910 Referral Series Converted to Appointments
• Individualized Scheduling Change Action Code 105T
• Printing of Forms W-116G and EXP-75
• All References to EA/EP Now Read Employability Plan (EP)


Created: 11/18/2007