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Documents: 2004 Policy Directives

#04-18-EMP: Revised Parks Opportunity Program
(This Policy Directive Replaces PD #03-31-EMP)
Employable (employability status [ES] code 20) Family Assistance (FA) caseheads in receipt of public assistance for 12 months or more, TANF-converted Safety Net (SNNC) caseheads, and single Safety Net Cash Assistance (SNCA) participants are eligible for referral to the Department of Parks and Recreation (Parks) Parks Opportunity Program (POP) to interview for temporary, full-time subsidized employment. Individuals in receipt of Jiggetts or other housing subsidies are not eligible. The program is mandatory for selected participants for a six-month period. Participants must attend mandatory job search activities one day a week while employed through the Parks Opportunity Program.


Created: 11/18/2007
Updated: 2/11/2008