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Documents: 2007 Policy Directives

#07-41-OPE: Family Services Call Center
(This Policy Directive Replaces PB #02-218-OPE, PD #03-41-OPE, PB #05-85-OPE and PB #05-126-ELI)

This procedure has been revised to redefine the process of servicing child-only Cash Assistance (CA) cases due to the creation of Child- Only Satellite Units. All references to the Recertification Eligibility Division (RED) have been removed.

According to the directive, "Center 17 [the child-only center] was opened on March 18, 2002, and is located at 33-28 Northern Boulevard, Queens, NY. It provides case management services to its active child-only cases by telephone, mail and fax. Child-Only Satellite Units have been created in each borough to provide services that require in-person contact (e.g., scheduled recertification interviews) and to handle walk-in activity. The Child-Only Satellite Units are hosted at the following Job Centers:

Bronx Melrose (Center 40)
Brooklyn Greenwood (Center 85)
Manhattan St. Nicholas (Center 26)
Queens Family Services Call Center (Center 17)
Staten Island Richmond (Center 99)

Each Child-Only Satellite Unit is responsible for providing intensive case management services to the child-only cases within its borough. These services include:
* Alien Review
* Child Care Assessment
* Emergency Assistance
* Face-to-Face Recertification (FFR)
* Referrals to other agencies for needed services"


Created: 11/9/2007
Updated: 1/2/2008