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Documents: 2007 Policy Directives

#07-38-SYS: Welfare Management System (WMS) Software Release Version 2007.3
Changes that became effective with the October 22, 2007, release of WMS software version 2007.3 include:
* Public Assistance (PA) Openings in the Client Notice System (CNS)
* Undercare Phase II
* New Field/Code for the Working Families Food Stamp Initiative
* Automation of CNS Code W40 (Failure/Refusal to Become Employable)
* New York City (NYC) Benefits Issuance and Control System (BICS) PA Benefit Code Changes
* Data Entry Fields Inhibited for FS Single Issue Disaster Card Issuance Codes
* Modification to Forced Closing Process/Edits
* Creating Infraction Records in the Eligibility Subsystem
* Multiple Client Identification Number (CIN) Elimination
* Social Security Number (SSN) Validation Logic Review
* Modification to Calculation for Congregate Care Cases


Created: 11/9/2007