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Documents: 2005 Policy Directives

#05-14-OPE: Case Record Imaging
(This Policy Directive Replaces PD #05-06-OPE)

In addition to the changes listed below, this procedure was further revised to eliminate the LESA and Fair Hearing implications, as they do not apply in this process.
• Add the Language Questionnaire (W-680FF) to the list of documents that must be sent for Day Forward Imaging (listed in Attachment A);
• Include a clarification regarding the imaging of forms issued in both English and another language;
• Include a reminder that the PA/FS Budget Summary (WINRO027) and Absent Parent questionnaires (M-384d and M-384K) must be imaged;
• Include a reminder that domestic violence forms must not be imaged;
• Inform staff of the following clearance regarding IRS documents:
IRS documents may not be imaged if they have been received through sources other than the applicant/participant, for example through a 1099 match or information on Resources File Integration (RFI). However, Workers may and should image any IRS documents that are voluntarily provided by applicants/participants to support or document an eligibility factor or issue;
• Include a clarification regarding active volumes;
• List instructions for accessing the electronic case folder on the HRA Viewer in Attachment B of this procedure;
• Remove instructions regarding the Day Forward Imaging Report (W-34H), as this form and related process are now obsolete; and
• Add new instruction regarding the labeling of boxes prepared for Day Forward Imaging.


Created: 11/3/2007