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Documents: 2007 Policy Bulletins

#07-124-EMP: Revision To The Grant Diversion Program Statement Of Understanding For Parks Opportunity Program (POP) Participants (EXP-76G)
See the attached directive re Parks Opportunity Program. According to HRA, Among the new things added are:
* Statement 1 was added so that the participant can acknowledge that s/he is being referred to a job that will require some physical activity and that s/he believes that s/he will be able to successfully complete the assigned tasks.
* The name of the unit that handles all Grant Diversion cases has been changed from GDP Job Center to the JTP Job Center Unit.
* Statement 7 was added so that the participant can acknowledge that if s/he is mandated to attend a treatment program it will be his/her responsibility to attend the program during hours that will not affect his/her participation in the Grant Diversion/Job Training Program.


Created: 10/27/2007