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Documents: 2007 Policy Bulletins

#07-107-OPE: Revisions To The Notice To Reduce Public Assistance And/Or Food Stamp Benefits Due To Receipt Of Social Security Benefits (M-328h)
The purpose of this policy bulletin is to inform staff at Job Centers that the M-328h has been revised to accommodate programming needs of Management Information Systems (MIS). The following changes have been made:
• The title was changed to “Notice of Intent to Reduce Public Assistance and/or Food Stamp Benefits Due to Receipt of Social Security Benefits.”
• On page 1, the text “The reason for this action is” and the box reserved for language indicating the reason were removed and replaced by the text:
“According to our records the following individual(s) in your household is/are in receipt of a Social Security payment from the Federal government and a Family Assistance/Safety Net Assistance (FA/SNA) grant from this Department:”
• A table to write the name of each household member in receipt of a Social Security benefit and the amount of the Social Security payment was added.
• The text “We are required to budget the full Social Security benefit amount(s) for the above-named individual(s). The law(s) and/or regulation(s) that allow us to do this is/are 18 NYCRR § 352.29, § 352.32” was moved to the bottom of the form.
• The Food Stamp section was moved from page 1 to page 2 and the regulations were changed from “18 NYCRR § 352.10, § 352.15” to “18 NYCRR § 387.10(b), 387.10(b) (3).”
• The Medical Assistance section was also moved to page 2.
• The Deadline and Continuing Your Benefits sections were moved from the Fair Hearing Request section, on page 3, to the State Fair Hearing section, on page 3.
• Formatting changes increased the form from 3 to 4 pages.
Center Directors must ensure that all previous versions of this form and their multilingual equivalents are removed from circulation and recycled.



Created: 8/23/2007