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Documents: 2007 Policy Directives

#07-25-OPE: Check Replacement For Restricted Shelter Payments
(This Policy Directive Replaces PD #05-32-OPE)

This policy directive has been revised to:
• inform Job Opportunity Specialists (JOS)/Workers to update the Paperless Office System (POS) Turn-Around Document (TAD) (LDSS-3517) with a new budget number after creating a new budget • remove reference to participants informing the Bureau of Reconciliation and Control (BORAC) of a change in landlord/management agent • provide the correct address of the Landlord Ombudsman Services Unit (LOSU)
• announce that the LOSU transmittals reflect LOSU’s current floor
• provide instructions on processing case actions when the participant does not promptly notify the Agency of a change in address or shelter cost, resulting in duplicate rent payments to both the prior and new landlord/management agents
• indicate questions in the POS windows that must be addressed if a participant has rent arrears • replace references to the Check Reconciliation and Tracking System (CRTS) screen with the Benefits Issued with Issuance Codes 08, 11, 05, 96 screen (NQCS5E)
• specify the types of checks that BORAC replaces
• inform JOS/Workers of the electronic Stop Payment System for making and approving requests to stop payment on a rent check • remove reference to the Division of Automated Check Inventory and Tracking (DACIT) confirmation memo
• remove reference to paper process for processing stop payments in the “Check Issued or Cancelled/Two-Party Check Replacement Process” section
• include the payment status code indicating a check was cashed
• rename the “Direct Vendor Process” section under Check Cashed to “Direct Vendor Process for Fraud/Forgery Processing”
• correct JOS/Worker instructions when processing fraud/forgery
• outline tasks of Fraud and Forgery Specialists
• provide instructions for issuing shelter allowance owed if a legal proceeding is pending
• provide instructions for replacing shelter allowance when the wrong landlord/management agent cashes the check(s) or the bank rejects the check endorsement
• provide instructions for replacing shelter allowance for one-shot deal cases.


Created: 8/21/2007