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Documents: 2007 Policy Bulletins

#07-96-OPE: Revised Notice Of Recertification Appointment Form (W-908T), Obsolete W-908T Insert, And Obsolete Notice Of Homebound Recertification Appointment Form (W-908SS)
(Replaces PB #01-38-OPE PB #02-89-OPE, PB #02-110-OPE, PB #02-111-OPE, PB #02-167-OPE, PB #04-28-OPE and PB #04-110-OPE)

The purpose of this policy bulletin is to inform Job Center staff that the Notice of Recertification Appointment form (W-908T) and its Fair Hearing Insert have been revised and consolidated. The new form has boxes which will be filled in to match the specific type of recertification (homebound, Residential Treatment Substance Abuse Center, HASA, Center 17). The attachment includes all of the "snippets" for each type of recertification. The PB obsoletes the homebound recert form since this new form will include the appropriate customized language.


Created: 8/21/2007