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Documents: 2006 Policy Bulletins

#06-34-ELI: The Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS)

The purpose of this policy bulletin is to inform Job Center and Non-Public Assistance (NPA) Food Stamp (FS) Office Staff of the Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS), which will provide certain Food Stamp households with the opportunity to recertify via telephone.
COMMENTS: This is an interesting Policy Bulletin from HRA that implements a telephone recert option for SOME NPA FS households - the cases pulled for this option are NPA FS households which are unemployable /unengageable at F43 or F53 in Queens. If they have no earned income and no changes in household circumstances, they can recertify by phone if they choose (they don't have to). If the family does not recertify by phone, then they have to come in for a regular appointment. It appears that HRA CAN use technology to benefit clients when it chooses. Clients can call; 24-hours a day, 7 days a week and can select English, Spanish or Chinese (Mandarin) from the system options AND clients will receive a confirmation number once they complete the telephone interview! Then they get a letter in the mail with a recert decision.



Created: 5/4/2006
Updated: 5/18/2006