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Documents: 2006 Policy Bulletins

#06-58-OPE: Obsoletion Of State Form LDSS-4399
This policy bulletin is to inform Job Center and Non Public Assistance (NPA) Food Stamp staff that the Client Notices Batch Notice Input Form WCN022 (LDSS-4399) was made obsolete by New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance.

COMMENTS: According to HRA, past practice was for a worker to use form LDSS-4399 to document when a specific notice had to be sent to a client. The form was then processed by the Job Center/NPA Food Stamp Office's Control unit. Now HRA does not need this manual process since "most notices are code driven." The PB also says though, that "When the CNS system is unable to generate the appropriate automated notice, the JOS/ES Worker will provide a manual notice." [Editorial comment: HOW?????? there does not appear to be a procedure for it!!]


Created: 5/8/2006
Updated: 5/18/2006