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Documents: 2007 Policy Bulletins

#07-54-OPE: Handling Requests For Case Record Review
This Policy Bulletin Replaces PB #03-191-OPE)

Attached is a new HRA PB on Rivera and how to get documents from a case record. The Rivera procedures spell out how the request is handled within the Rivera unit. The PB's instructions on how to get case record documents do not appear to have clarified the issue for us. I am circulating this to this list because this topic (of having difficulty getting copies of documents from case records --especially when they are electronic, has come up in several recent benefits meetings). Specifically, the PB explains that the procedure for getting case record documents not connected to a fair hearing is ( page 5 of the PB):

"If the applicant/participant wishes to view or have copies made of specific documents in the case for reasons not involving a Fair Hearing, s/he must make that request to the Job Opportunity Specialist (JOS)/Worker. The JOS/Worker will alert the designated person of the request so that an appointment can be scheduled for the applicant/participant to come in and view the case record.

If the case record is an electronic file (Paperless Office System [POS] or Imaged Centers), a Worker designated by the Center Director will sit with the applicant/participant at a designated terminal to view the contents of the case record and print requested documents. Most documents in the case record, including NYCWAY and Wellness, Comprehensive Assessment, Rehabilitation and Employment (WeCARE) documents, can be viewed and copies provided, except for those documents listed below:
* Documents containing information concerning child abuse or neglect
* Documents concerning domestic violence
* Documents or files maintained separately from the PA/FS case record, such as BEV or Bureau of Fraud Investigation (BFI) files, that contain information concerning potential criminal prosecution
* Documents concerning foster care and adoption."


Created: 5/15/2007